Our Mission, Vision,

Values & DNA.

Our Mission

We Exist so more people will know and be known by Jesus.

Our Vision

We exist to be a community of people so soaked in the gospel that others are drawn in and their lives changed by the gospel.

Our Values

to grow gospel-centered community.

The Christian faith is not an individual faith but a communal faith. People are created for community and we are made to have a relationship with both God and creation. The church is not a place we attend but a community we belong with, the Bible calls this the household of faith.

be an advocate for justice and compassion for those in need. 

The church is called to mimic the characteristics of God. God is the God of those who do not have a voice. He is the God of those who suffer. As the church, it is our call to be compassionate to those who do not have a voice and to those in need.

for the good of the city.

The church is called to know the culture it is in and exist within the culture, redeem the culture for the purpose of bringing the kingdom to earth.

be a church planting church.

Church planting is Biblical. This is the most effective way for the people of God to obey the Great Commission and grow the Kingdom of God. Church planting is the most effective way to reach the lost, reach the unchurched, reach the younger generations.



Sharing all of ourselves with others knowing the risk and the price so that

we may further the kingdom of God.


To be a people who execute the work of the gospel to rebuild with the truth of the gospel what has been destroyed.


Building up leaders who make disciple-making disciples & planting church planting churches all for the good of the kingdom.


Providing a voice to the voiceless and meeting the needs of others who are in need and suffering to express the compassion of God to further the kingdom.